Having young, qualified people with the potential for development is one of our Talent Acquisition priorities.
For this reason, we have put in place a Trainee Program that offers young, talented people the opportunity to learn and gain experience within an operational area in the biotech industry.


By forming part of our Trainee Program,
you will enhance your profile and will start
to develop your professional career.

You will have the opportunity to:
  •  Get to know the operations in your appointed area in detail.

  • Participate actively in projects pertinent to the area.

  • Exchange experiences with other participants on the Program and start todevelop a more comprehensive overview of the business.

  • Have a Tutor allocated to you from the start, who will be responsible for setting out your learning objectives and supporting you during the process.

  • Enjoy a flexible timetable, compatible with your studies.

  • Start your professional career in a multinational comgany with a welcoming atmosphere and a strong process of expansion. 


We are looking for a variety of profiles (students in their final
degree year or postgraduate students) who are interested in
developing their career in the area of Marketing, Sales or
Operations, or in supporting functions such as Finance or Human Resources.

But, above all, we are looking for the attitude and talent that
make the people who form part of our team special.

If you are interested in forming part of IB-LAB's Trainee Program, we would be pleased to receive your application. Keep checking the publications at your place of study and our Linked In profile.